Anestesia Arte a Colori Francesca Sensi Galleria


Selected Project for Set Up Art Fair, Bologna
A sleepiness and constant frustration about social facts and events are dramatically affecting our living and our daily routine, transforming us into perennial sleepwalkers in a semi-conscious state. Institutional void, a weak State, a lack of real politics and moral principles, collective waste, the absence of conscience, faith and spirituality are causing a moral and ethical emptiness, turning from temporary to constant, and is rewriting our living laws. This emptiness affects our younger generations, who often reply with a total apathy or, at best, with clinical cynicism. The only people replying are often either reckless or rough, and this explains the
verbal violence shouting out. Consequently, the only form of communication is an annulment and a new start. The best civic conscience speaks softly, acts with transparency and, little by little, is aware of an awakening. Contemplation and exile are sometimes the only answers we can give. The most knowledgeable ones can find solutions to these external stimulations by finding some answers, while others hide themselves into ivory towers waiting for an awakening. In the medical field, anesthesia is a temporary and reversible state, its aim is to totally lose conscience, to be able to wake up and go back to vital functions. The person is often a victim of his or her own personal paralysis. Nobody thinks of themselves anymore, of their personal needs and nurturing, and the artists often feel lost, de-motivated, sometimes useless. Every artist tries to put a seed of rage, of hope, trying to wake up his or her sleepy pride. When work does not give enough to eat it is possibly the worst defeat of any society. Does dignity have to free itself from defeat to be able to survive? We don’t think so, and we are offering a quiet, silent, dignified answer.

ANESTHESIA_BEFORE WAKING UP, Selected Project for Set Up Art Fair
Artists: Marco Manzella, Lorenzo Perrone, Alessandro Reggioli, Fabio Rota, Emiliano Zucchini ( artista under 35 )
Luogo: Set Up Art Fair, Fiera d’Arte Contemporanea Indipendente, Bologna, Autostazione

Curator: Francesca Sensi e Carmelita Brunetti ( curatore under 35 )
Opening: Giovedi’ 24 Gennaio 2013 ore 20.00, su invito
Durata: dal 25 al 27 Gennaio  2013
Ingresso: 3 Euro

Nella foto: Lorenzo Perrone

manifesto Anestesia

manifesto Anestesia